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Accreting pulsars with INTEGRAL
As part of INTEGRAL's guaranteed time program, from 2003 Jan to 2006 Aug INTEGRAL scanned parts of the Galactic plane every fortnight (the INTEGRAL "Galactic Plane Survey", GPS). These WWW-pages contain up to date information of basic observational data from all pulsating accreting neutron stars from the GPS scans, which is made available within days of the consolidated INTEGRAL data becoming available at the INTEGRAL Science Data Centre. At the moment source fluxes on a INTEGRAL Science Window basis are shown for the JEM-X and IBIS instruments and selected energy bands for all Science Windows where a source has been detected. All data reduction was performed with INTEGRAL OSA 5.1. We plan to add pulse profiles and pulse period information in the next few months. The pages also contain basic scientific information about the sources monitored, including literature references and links to data from the RXTE All Sky Monitor and the BATSE experiment on the Compton Gamma Ray observatory, where available.
Catalogue of high-mass X-ray binaries in the Galaxy (4th edition) [Liu, van Paradijs, van den Heuvel, 2008]
catalogue of 114 high-mass X-ray binaries (66 X-ray pulsars / 16 sources with CRSFs)